Defeat Dance

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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Not Noel Waters

The people of Carson City cast their votes and kept Noel Waters off the bench. Good luck to Jim Wilson, whom I don't oppose or endorse.

Now Mr. Waters should be removed from his position as pro-tem judge and get his haggardly self out of the courtroom once and for all. Pro-tem judges are typically used in the absence of another judge for one reason or another. They are used most often when the two District Court Judges in Carson City have a potential conflict of interest. Who better to bring in, in a conflicted situation than......Noel Waters. This is a joke, right?

This page is dedicated to Natasha Jennings who passed away without any explanation while visiting her hometown of Carson City, Nevada. The attempts made by family and friends of Natasha to gain answers were met with stonewalling and strong indications of a cover-up. Without question, an ugly thread of corruption runs strong and deep in Carson City. A friend of Natasha's recently wrote this. His words speak for many.

Christopher Smith said...
I did know Natasha. Fairly well in fact, and I think that the cover-up and stubborn refusal by the criminal system (namely Noel Waters) is an atrocity that is unfortunately a ever-so-constant part of dirty, corrupt politics in states such as Nevada and Arizona. Natasha was a very sweet and smart girl who had big dreams for her future.
I had the fortunate opportunity to get to know her on a personal level and enjoyed the time I spent with her very much. I know that she was her mothers WORLD and witnessed the pain first-hand that this whole injustice did to her (her mother) and the rest of us who knew, loved, and very much respected this very gifted, talented, smart, and beautiful girl.
It makes me sick to my stomach that we all were forced to suffer this kind of pain because of some selfish, pathetic, and corrupt waste of oxygen like Noel Waters. Rest In Peace Natasha. We all still love you and you will always live forever in our hearts and prayers.