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Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Glimpse of Nevada Truth and Justice for Some-Not All

For This Judge and His Friends, One Good Turn Led to Another

The practice harms visitors and business people alike, especially Californians, who come here in large numbers to work and play.

Natasha did "fall victim to an untamed style of justice, blatantly tangled in clashing in local interests." The judicial system blocked every attempt her family made to find out what happened to this beautiful girl during her visit to Carson City. The shenanigans of Noel Waters, the District Courts and the Nevada Supreme Courts actions/inactions rose to a level that most persons conclude a cover-up.

Protecting the good old boys at the expense of never knowing what caused the death of Natasha Jennings.

All person visiting Nevada should be aware that there is a dark underbelly of political corruption that exists in Nevada. If you find yourself in the midst of their grasp, God help you. You will not have a voice in their courts because, in their determination, you are less than human because you are not a Nevada taxpayer. Nevada attorneys will be reluctant to take your case because they know they will be decimated if they attempt to take on the powers that be.

The political corruption runs rampant and threads throughout their justice system and none is spared. This is evident in the District Attorneys offices, the Sheriffs Departments, the Nevada Department of Investigations, the Attorney General's office, the State Bar, and extends as far as the parole boards.

Good luck penetrating the stranglehold on justice. Better men than me have gone before me to no avail. They will kick you to the curb and spit you out sparing no expense to individuals.  Justice is set aside, reserved for those in the circle of friends and campaign contributors.  It's a monopoly where get-out-of- jail cards are part of the game.  Trumped up Go-To-Jail-Cards are part of the deck.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Not Noel Waters

The people of Carson City cast their votes and kept Noel Waters off the bench. Good luck to Jim Wilson, whom I don't oppose or endorse.

Now Mr. Waters should be removed from his position as pro-tem judge and get his haggardly self out of the courtroom once and for all. Pro-tem judges are typically used in the absence of another judge for one reason or another. They are used most often when the two District Court Judges in Carson City have a potential conflict of interest. Who better to bring in, in a conflicted situation than......Noel Waters. This is a joke, right?

This page is dedicated to Natasha Jennings who passed away without any explanation while visiting her hometown of Carson City, Nevada. The attempts made by family and friends of Natasha to gain answers were met with stonewalling and strong indications of a cover-up. Without question, an ugly thread of corruption runs strong and deep in Carson City. A friend of Natasha's recently wrote this. His words speak for many.

Christopher Smith said...
I did know Natasha. Fairly well in fact, and I think that the cover-up and stubborn refusal by the criminal system (namely Noel Waters) is an atrocity that is unfortunately a ever-so-constant part of dirty, corrupt politics in states such as Nevada and Arizona. Natasha was a very sweet and smart girl who had big dreams for her future.
I had the fortunate opportunity to get to know her on a personal level and enjoyed the time I spent with her very much. I know that she was her mothers WORLD and witnessed the pain first-hand that this whole injustice did to her (her mother) and the rest of us who knew, loved, and very much respected this very gifted, talented, smart, and beautiful girl.
It makes me sick to my stomach that we all were forced to suffer this kind of pain because of some selfish, pathetic, and corrupt waste of oxygen like Noel Waters. Rest In Peace Natasha. We all still love you and you will always live forever in our hearts and prayers.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

You Be The Judge - Not Noel Waters

During the 2006 campaign for the Storey County District Attorneys seat, the former assistant DA of Carson City Anne Langer decided to throw her hat in the ring. At this time, there were a small group of mothers who were very concerned about the way a 16 year-old rape victim was being treated by the Carson City Sheriff and the District Attorneys Offices. They did not believe her despite repeated interviews with the Sheriffs Office, rehashing each time what had occurred. By definition the young woman was raped. The mother of the victim was told that no prosecution would be made against the perpetrator. The mother simply stated to the public that the Carson City DA's office was not prosecuting rapes and other molestations that had occurred and that she did not believe Anne Langer would make a good district attorney for Storey County for this reason.

The Nevada Appeal reported:

March 2007 Robert Hilke Jr. was arrested for open and gross lewdness with a child under 14 and a gross misdemeanor warrant for open and gross lewdness. Bond was posted in the amount of $65,000 and Hilke was released.

October 2007
Robert Hilke Jr., 50, was charged with two felony counts of open and gross lewdness with a child under 14 and six counts of gross misdemeanor open and gross lewdness.

He appeared in Carson City Justice Court on Monday for a preliminary hearing where Justice of the Peace John Tatro determined there was a enough evidence to try Hilke on both felony charges and five gross misdemeanor charges.

According to the criminal complaint filed March 21, Hilke allegedly pulled aside the bathing-suit bottoms of a 9-year-old girl and looked at her on at least two occasions between June and November 2005.

The complaint concerning the six gross misdemeanor charges alleges that between June and December 2005, Hilke repeatedly fondled a then-16-year-old girl.

July 2008
A contractor initially charged in the alleged molestations of two Carson City girls, pleaded guilty Tuesday to one count of open and gross lewdness.
In exchange for the plea, a felony charge of lewdness with a child under 14 and several additional gross misdemeanor counts of open and gross lewdness will be dismissed against Robert Hilke Jr., said Assistant District Attorney Gerald Gardner.

Hilke, 52, was set to go to trial on charges relating to one of the girls Aug. 18 and the other Sept. 2.

Before District Judge Bill Maddox on Tuesday morning, he entered the gross misdemeanor plea in relation to a charge that he pulled aside the bathing-suit bottoms of a 9-year-old girl and looked at her genitals on at least two occasions between June and November 2005.

“We felt that the evidence was strong in this case and that he had acted inappropriately with this victim,” said Gardner. “And, we think the charge actually serves the interests of justice. He will be required to register as a sex offender and he will be facing up to a year in jail or probation.”

The charge that is being dismissed by the District Attorney’s Office relates to allegations that he repeatedly fondled a then-16-year-old girl between June and December 2005.

“Although we believe the victim’s account of what happened, unfortunately, we had no other witnesses or corroborating evidence and just felt that we couldn’t meet our burden of proof,” said Gardner.

Hilke, owner of Hilke Construction in Carson City, remains free on $65,000 bail.

He will be sentenced on Sept. 16.

My question is, and it will never be answered because the case involves minor children, is what "other witnesses or corroborating evidence" did they have that was so convincing on the 9 year-old girl that they didn't have for the 16 year-old? No difference except that Noel Waters and a certain Sheriff made it their business to sweep the more serious charge of rape under the rug from the beginning. Often it has everything to do with who you grew up with, who is covering who's back, and the social status of the victim or perpetrator. None of those should be a factor in making a decision on how to proceed.

Please notice that the Nevada Appeal first reported in March 2007 that Mr. Hilke was arrested for misdemeanors. Later, it was reported that there was enough evidence to try Hilke for two felony charges as well.

The outcome will most likely be probation. I don't see how the public can agree with the district attorneys office statement theat they believe "the charge actually serves the interests of justice."

Mr. Hilke's bail was extraordinarily low for the charges he was being prosecuted for. The two felony counts per NRS 201.230 states: a person who commits lewdness with a child is guilty of a category A felony and shall be punished by imprisonment in the state prison for life with the possibility of parole, with eligibility for parole beginning when a minimum of 10 years has been served, and may be further punished by a fine of not more than $10,000.

The 16 year-old girl was sexually assaulted in a manner described in NRS 200.364. If Noel Waters or Anne Langer had done their jobs and taken a campaign break, they would have known this.

In the email below that Ms. Brown provided, you will see that Noel Waters is misguided. The VICTIM is the only person of a sexual assault that can waive confidentiality. What a butthead! The victim or details were never revealed except to the CCSO and Waters office. A sexual assault took place in the manner Waters cites in the Nevada Revised Statutes. The assistant DA Ms. Langer DID revealed details of the assault. Tar and feathers should have been served to her along with her recent DUI conviction.

He can write all he wants. On the surface it sounds good, but it's a load of bullshit. As the grand jury strongly suggested, Noel Waters is in need of a refresher course in the laws that govern us. Those same laws applies to him as well. He just doesn't see it that way.

Waters was quoted in the News Carson City "For District Court Judge, former CC District Attorney Noel Waters said being knowledgeable and fair with the law is his main message to the voters. He says he’s well aware of the community’s utter disgust with gangs and drugs. But he also says the key to justice is to hold each person convicted of a crime accountable. No excuses about their life conditions, but fully accountable. He says he’ll campaign on his experience as a trial lawyer and of his talents to be fair where need be, but also disciplined when the full measure of law must be brought down on a hardened criminal." What is his excuse? I find his "gang" utterly disgusting.

The results of DA Noel Waters actions were devastating to this family.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Brianna Denison's Killer?

The police composite drawing of Brianna Denison's rapist and murderer has an eerie similarity with Nataha Jennings possible murderer. Is this coincidental? Both girls were raped before their deaths, and both were visiting their hometowns in Nevada. Both young women resemble each other. The man dressed in red MAY be responsible for Natasha's death. His identity is unknown.

Fortunately for Brianna, the Reno Police Department, District Attorney, and the community have the committment to bring her murderer to justice. The same cannot be said for the law officials involved in Natasha Jennings case. Who is primarily responsible for this? Noel Waters. He used his influence and every legal tactic available to him to hinder an appropriate investigation or to hold a death inquest. He blocked a death inquest as required by law. To date he has not certified that #3 "an inquest must be held unless the district attorney or a district judge certifies that no inquest is required." NRS 259.050. Waters argued vigorously against holding an inquest, even though 3,000 local citizens joined Natasha's family in asking for an inquest. His "sound" discretion is arbitrary and capricious and blinded by his own objectives.

I doubt that the Carson City Sheriff's office or Washoe County Lab preserved the evidence that could bring Natasha's murderer to justice. If a death inquest had been held, there would be more information brought to light than the CCSO's worthless investigation. At the time, the Carson City Sheriffs Department and the District Attorneys office were the true Reno 911 laughable characters. Nothing was funny about the law officials involved in the "investigation. " Many egregious mistakes were made. Noel Waters went way above the call of duty to obstruct a viable investigaion and inquest. In doing so, he may well have made it possible for a murdering rapist to continue his crimes and hinder future investigations. Waters made false statements to the community and the courts. He attacked Natasha's family and others who came to aid of Natasha's family. He attempted to sue a local woman, Karen Perdue because she was "vocal" and in his estimation abused the legal process. He was unsuccessful. If you voice objections to his "sound discretion", you may find yourself in for an ass kicking, literally or figuratively.

The CCSO's coroner at the time was Eric Cantlin. He prejudiced the community against Natasha Jennings and her family. He made false statements to the press that blackened the memory of an innocent young women.

The Nevada Statutes are clear in the responsibilty of the district attorney regarding death inquests. Noel Waters has explained his noncompliance in holding a death inquest because the statutes don't require a time limit. Memories fade, evidence is gone, and people surrounding Natasha at the time of her death have moved away. No harm could have come in holding a timely death inquest. Waters held a death inquest for one of his staff members who rented a house from judge Maddox. No inquest for Natasha though. Why?


The above information has been forwarded to the respective police departments. My fear is that if the Carson City Sheriff's Department is the primary source of information, they will not be forthcoming because it would show the world how badly Natasha's investigation was handled.
Can't have that, now can they?
Please see this website for another gorgeous young lady who was murdered. Juliana Redding could be Brianna Denisons twin, as well as Natasha Jennings. All have brown long hair, thin, tall, and were either visiting their hometown or from out of the area. Redding and Denison were active in sports as well as other shared interests.

Please let us not forget Natasha Jennings and her family who have suffered so much. Perhaps the opportunity was lost forever to determine the cause of Nataha's death. Good work Noel Waters. Your bias' are transparent, your eyes are blurred to the dearly held belief of "Justice for All." The citizenry should expect it and can receive it, IF THEY DON'T VOTE FOR YOU!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Carson City Public Safety Complex Security Men

During the term of Noel Waters dictatorial district attorney-ship, there were many violations of citizens constitutional rights to use the Public Safety Complex (Carson City's courthouse) without being harrassed. The first story is about a man who was determined to be a "biker" by the courthouse security personnel. The higher courts ruled in the "bikers" favor after the good old boy district attorney and judges cited them for trespassing and attempted to ban them from wearing their jackets in the courtroom halls.

Soon I will be posting more stories where others persons were harrassed by these same old fat farts. One disabled woman was beat up when she sought a place to sit down in the air conditioned foyer. Another woman was run off the steps by another security "man" who called himself "Bear Claws" because as a younger man, he reports he wrestled down a bear. He wore a high- topped hat with guns at his sides, wearing a string of bearclaws as a necklace. By the size of his gut, he may have swallowed the bear whole and never fully eleminated the carcass. One of the security personnel told her that the "Big Guys don't want you here" while she was standing on the sidewalk carrying a sign that read "Justice for Natasha." Natasha Jennings was raped, then found dead three days later as she hid from her assailant.

They beat up a disabled woman, BUT, they did not lay a finger on the "bikers." Why is that? Who do you think posed a greater danger? These security personnel may have found some resistance if they had tried to wrestle men to the ground. One of these security personnel did not hesitate, however, to injure a woman who made the mistake of entering the foyer of the courthouse by herself. Outside the courthouse citizens were rallying for the release of the grand jury report. The judges would not release the report as required by law.

The US Court of Appeals wrote:

"The ongoing enforcement of the potentially unconstitutional regulations at the Complex would infringe not only the free expression interests of the dozen Appellants in this case, but also the interests of other people who may wish to enter the Complex."

"In the total absence of evidence of any danger produced by the speech, we can only conclude that the Rules' very specific restriction on expression in the Complex was "impermissibly motivated by a desire to suppress a particular point of view."

Later, the courts would opine that, by Carson City's own words, indicated that the Courthouse only had problems when they created the problem themselves.

I'm not sure what corrective action, if any were made by the courthouse administrator, Judge Michael Griffin. He did write a letter to one of the women above and threatened her with arrest. The woman that was beaten by Roy Eddings, as his supervisor Robert Stutzman, aka Bear Claws looked on, suffered injuries that required surgery. She was convicted of trespassing nearly two years later by the district attorneys office during the tenure of Noel Waters. A clear conflict of interest since he was one of the subjects of the grand jury investigation. Read the transcripts which are available on the Nevada Appeals website. The grand jurors were not pleased with the "intrepid crimebuster" and his flaccid explanations of the going-ons within his office.

Keep in mind, that the same DA and courts that were the subject of the Grand Jury's probe, were the same that prosecuted her. Mysteriously, some of the photographs that were taken of her injuries disappeared while in evidence that depicted severely bruised arms with finger impressions left when the brute got a hold of her. There were scratches on other portions of her body sustained while being dragged into the security area as the doors closed on her. A large contusion was left on her forehead after being slammed first to her knees, then bounced her head onto the floor.

When the "bikers" flatly refused to leave the courthouse or take off their garb, the security men called the sheriffs next door. They came and wrote them a citation. The bikers did not comply with the security personnel orders, so why did they not physically kick their asses? I'll tell you why. They might have been met with a bit more resistance than taking down a disabled woman.

If Noel Waters is elected as District Court Judge, the stranglehold that the good old boys have on the city will be tightened. Judges often have the last word on a matter. The damage he can do as judge is enormous. Noel Waters has already proven himself to be one of the boys who applies the law arbitrarily and capriciously while hiding behind the immunity of his position. It will be a formidable task to make right his wrongs if he becomes judge. Citizens will be exposed to a corrupted court system. Redress will often become an impossibility and citizens will become vulnerable to political and personal whims.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Noel Waters DA Pranks

Corrected Special Grand Jury Report

The community of Carson City would have been much better served had the Carson City District Attorney's office arrested and prosecuted John and James Bustamante with the vigor that was shown in the arrest and prosecution of Rolland Weddell. Given, through testimony to this Grand Jury, that:

The Rolland Weddell incident appears to be a one-time event triggered by fear and concern for the safety of his daughter and an employee. In his mind he had reasonable cause, based on information provided by his daughter and employee, to believe his attempted arrest of James Bustamante was within the provisions of the NRS. The arrest and prosecution of Rolland Weddell for the use of deadly force by discharging of a firearm during the arrest attempt was at the discretion of the Carson City Sheriff's and Carson City District Attorney's Office. Whether or not Rolland Weddell's use of deadly force through the discharge of a firearm while attempting a citizen's arrest was within the provisions of the NRS was, and still is, a matter for the courts. AS of this time all further attempts by Rolland Weddell to obtain the arrest of John and James Bustamante have been pursued by legal means without the use of deadly force.

A proper investigation of the Cole incident, given the testimony and evidence presented to the Grand Jury, would have resulted in the arrest of John and James Bustamante, would have avoided all of the recall petitions, charges leveled by Weddell and the necessity for this Grand Jury.

-- Carson City Justice Court Clerks and Judges need training to update them with the most current case law and court decisions regarding the filing and handling of complaints brought to their office for filing and legal action, including those made by private citizens.

-- The Carson City District Attorney's office should employ and utilize a criminal investigator independent of the Carson City Sheriff's Department.

-- Based on the testimony given by the Carson City Justice of the Peace, Carson City District Attorney and the Carson City Sheriff's Department, there are no provisions or defined responsibilities for keeping current on Supreme Court decisions or changes in the Nevada Revised Statutes which affect the statutes and laws they are enforcing. A process should be in place to ensure that all employees and officers are aware of pertinent NRS revisions and/or Supreme Court decisions that may affect their job.

-- Based on the testimony given by the Carson City District Attorney and the Carson City Sheriff, both demonstrated an alarming lack of knowledge of the statutes which form the basis of the laws they are supposed to be enforcing. There should be some process in place to ensure these offices are properly aware of and have a basic understanding of the NRS.

-- The last Records Retention Schedule appears to have been established by a letter from the Carson City District Attorney's office to the Carson City Sheriff's Department in June of 1988. This schedule should be revised to agree with the statute of limitation and recommend that records not be destroyed until a certain amount of time after a case is closed in all judicial systems.

-- The Carson City District Attorneys' office needs to improve coordination in handling cases brought to them by the Carson City Sheriff's Department, with a standardized tracking form to ensure that any investigation is completed properly and in a timely manner.

-- The Carson City Sheriff's Department needs to provide a better tracking system for the tracking of evidence, photos and crime scene reports so that investigative officers can obtain current information on any case under investigation in a timely manner.

1. New procedures should be developed regarding the handling, processing and storage of film taken as evidence and of the resulting developed photographs to ensure that they are available to anyone assigned to or investigating a case. Copies should be kept in each appropriate case file.

2. Procedures should be developed to ensure that pictures used in photographic line-ups are the most current ones available and that facial characteristics and ethnicity more closely resemble descriptions provided by victims or witnesses.

3. A live line-up facility should be made available. When available or appropriate, an actual suspect presented in person to a witness or victim by means of a live line-up is superior to a photograph. A current facility or room could be redesigned to accommodate multi-uses, as this type of facility would only be used on occasion.

-- Carson City Sheriff's Department response times should be developed for various levels of priority calls into the dispatch/911 center. All calls should be logged and the resulting response time noted. Review of response times should be made every 90 days by the Sheriff and be made available to the public.

1. Better handling and prioritization of incoming calls on the part of the Sheriff dispatch the morning of Oct. 17, 1997 might have avoided the entire incident. An experienced, sworn duty officer should be assigned to dispatch to ensure calls are given the proper attention.

-- Based on all the testimony presented to the Grand Jury, the Carson City Sheriff's Department, in particular the "detective' division, demonstrated a marked lack of competence in the handling of both the Cole and Weddell cases. Training procedures and/or testing should be in place to ensure tasks are assigned to qualified personnel.

1. A state of minimum standards should be designed for the position of Detective. This should include, but not be limited to, training regarding how to fill out reporting and investigative paperwork, how information should be shared, coordinating with the Carson City District Attorney's office, and the handling of evidence. A testing or accreditation process for detective status should be in place to ensure similar incidents do not occur.

2. The Carson City Sheriff's Department personnel need to have training on dealing with the public, citizens' complaints, follow-up calls and handling difficult situations with regard to citizens.

3. The Carson City Sheriff's Department staff should have mandatory training in the Incident Command System levels appropriate for their positions. As an option, this training is available through the Nevada Division of Emergency Management at no cost.

-- A logical policy and procedures statement that is understood by all levels regarding the assignment of cases should be established by the Carson City Sheriff's Department. The Case Assignment Sheet should be redesigned to eliminate confusion with regard to the status of a case.

-- Shift change briefings in the Carson City Sheriff's Department should be held at the change of each shift and all appropriate personnel should be appraised of the status of impending investigations.

-- The Carson City Sheriff's Department should establish and implement random drug testing of sworn and non-sworn employees. Notification that testing will be done during a designated timeframe does not constitute "random."


-- A one-time performance evaluation program of the Carson City Sheriff's Department should be established reporting directly to the Carson City Board of Supervisors which will:

1. Include an expert in Law Enforcement Administration, or in organization of such departments;

2. Include citizens who have evidenced interest and involvement in law enforcement issues, but have no direct connectivity to the Sheriff's Department, (e.g., no direct connectivity to relatives or close relationships, etc.);

3. Be empowered to examine all policies, facilities, organizational structures and personnel policies;

4. Be funded by the Board of Supervisors and report to the supervisors in a public setting.

Norbit's notes: The two First District Judicial Court judges Maddox and Griffin in Carson City, Nevada refused to release the grand jury report. Only after the report was leaked to the media did the public learn of the grand jury's finding and recommendations. (and it was rewritten and watered down version. I guess they concluded the citizens couldn't handle the true version) A "special" court hearing was opened to the public by an even more special judge, Mike Gibbons from Las Vegas. He was brought in to preside over these proceedings. He concluded that the grand jury's findings were nothing more than "political sour grapes." Huh? The grand jury is NOT a political entity but ALL those named in the petition, the District Attorney, the Sheriff, and Justice of the Peace are political positions. Unknown to most at the time, myself included, Gibbons was moving to Reno to fill an uncontested seat in the Nevada Supreme Court. In hindsight, this would explain why he kept repeating that "we all" have to get a long. The hell! The citizens were not getting along and had serious concerns about the malfeasance of our ELECTED officials. I found this interesting tidbit about the finances of Gibbons uncontested campaign. He did a good job by the standards of the good old boys the day he set foot in town. Who donated to his campaign? Just asking.............good luck finding out.
"Justice Mark Gibbons collected $278,330 for his 2002 election campaign. He ran uncontested. Where is that quarter of a million dollars? Why was it accepted? There is nothing in the law to preclude this action. The law to control that kind of campaign finance funding failed in the legislature........................The purpose behind these features on campaign finance laws in Nevada is to make you aware that if someone were to be unscrupulous, politics would be a fine home from which to work. You make the decision every time you enter the polling place."

The prosecutor who was asked to officiate over the grand jury proceedings (by those two First Judicial Court judges, Griffin and Maddox), was chastised and attempted to humiliate her (the good old boys didn't like the juror's findings). The grand jurors were told in so many words that they were an ignorant bunch of folks and had been hoodwinked. The grand jury foreman took great exception to this comment. Other jury members made comment that they knew how to read and comprehend the evidence that was presented to them. Many comments were made by the public stating that they took the report seriously and did not want their recommendations to fall by the wayside........which is exactly what happened.

Those named in the grand jury report (above) were mad as hell. Who are the citizens to tell them to get their act together? The Justice of the Peace who was named laughed and laughed. When a citizen pointed out the ridiculousness of such behavior from a judge, the judge laughed louder. Again the citizen asked what he found so funny. The court bailiff wasted no time in moving in her direction. She shut up and sat down. The judge continued to laugh.

Friday, February 22, 2008

"Carson City Falsely Imprisons Individuals"

kangaroo court
The United States District Court found that Carson City has a "custom, policy, or practice to falsely imprison individuals" and that Carson City falsely imprisoned, maliciously prosecuted, and committed abuse of process against Plaintiff under state law." Carson City argued that "Carson City enjoys sovereign immunity for the discretionary decisions of district attoneys under Nevada Revised Statute 41.032(2)."
Yeah, right Noel Waters, District Attorney of Carson City. The "Big Guy" believes that his office can falsely imprison individuals, then try to hide behind the discretionary powers of a DA. Can you imagine the shenanigans this egomanic power-hungry good ol' boy will do if he is elected as judge? Judges are given more immunity than DA's. In this case of Webb v. Carson City, two sheriff deputies arrested an African American man believing he was someone else. Almost immediately after the arrest, it became clear they had arrested the wrong man. Both deputies told the district attorney they had arrested the wrong person. Despite this fact, he was not released nor did the district attorney drop any of the charges. Chief Deputy DA Anne Langer offered Webb to drop one charge only if he signed a waiver of civil liability. Langer told Webb's lawyer that she was prosecuting him because he refused to sign the waiver. In October, Webb went to trial on a charge on "obstruction" and was acquitted. The deputies testified that Webb had NOT obstructed the police. This is the same Deputy DA who was later indicted by a grand jury. About the same time District Attorney Noel Waters, the "Big Guy" himself was running around the courthouse, walking off with, and "losing" criminal complaints, losing evidence, losing pictures that were in his custody, lying to the public saying he was doing specific things when indeed he was not. He wasn't protecting citizens, he was too busy protecting his wayward good ol' boys and was vigilant in unsuccessfully prosecting citizens who took exception to his malfeasance in office.
In Carson City, under the direction of Noel Waters, the blacks are sent to the back of the bus, the Native Americans are sent back to the reservation, women and children find little protection or prosecution from domestic violence, and in at least one instance, went home in a bodybag. Men who protect their families when the police and DA will not, find themselves being vigorously prosecuted with trumped up charges. Good Job, Noel Waters!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Pro Tem Judge Knuckle Dragging Karl Neathammer

Nevada Code of Judicial Conduct
Commentary Canon 2A
B. A judge shall not allow family, social, political or other relationships to influence the judge’s judicial conduct or judgment. A judge shall not lend the prestige of judicial office to advance the private interests of the judge or others; nor shall a judge convey or permit others to convey the impression that they are in a special position to influence the judge. A judge shall not testify voluntarily as a character witness.

Is it proper for Karl Neathammer, the founder and member of the Burke Consortium, a "political action committee" to ask for FREE use of public buildings for their political agenda? Is it proper for a pro tem judge to approach the committee with a scratch your back, and I'll scratch your back mentality? Clearly, it is advancing the private interests of the judge or others. It is not proper.

Guy Farmer at the Nevada Appeal wrote an insightful description of the Burke Consortium:
"Closer to home, the Burke Consortium -- a shadowy front for certain local officials and commercial developers -- tried to fool the voters by claiming that the sale of the Fuji Park fairgrounds would be good for our city. But the voters didn't buy what Burke was trying to sell, and defeated Carson City Question 1 by a comfortable 54-42 percent margin.

That "small, militant special interest group" invented by the Consortium turned out to be the local Board of Supervisors, City Manager John Berkich and their developer friends. Supervisors promised to follow the will of the people. Let's hold them to it."

Complete with smoke and mirrors, the Burke Consortium appears to be the secret government of Carson City.

Friday, February 15, 2008

"The Big Guy" - Hardly! He's got no backbone.

NRS 1.270 No judge or justice of the peace to have partner practicing law. No judge or justice of the peace shall have a partner acting as attorney or counsel in any court in this State.
[47:19:1865; B § 952; BH § 2466; C § 2547; RL § 4867; NCL § 8409]
HOW IS IT THAT NOEL WATERS CAN BE A PRO TEMPORE WHILE PRACTICING AT LIONEL, SAWYER & COLLINS? Their website describes themselves as "the largest private lawfirm in Nevada.....with a history of partners coming from powerful governmental a result of our extensive involvement in the Nevada, legal, POLITICAL, and business communities, we are in a unique position to assist......" Yeah, I'd say Noel Waters is in a "UNIQUE" position alright. Nothing like having a sitting judge with political aspirations embedded in the largest lawfirm in Nevada.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

No Death Inquest for Natasha Jennings

Long after the murder of Sheila Jo Harris, the new Carson City District Attorney was able to find and convict her murderer through DNA. Unfortunately for Sadie Natasha Jennings, the now defunked District Attorney Noel Waters obstructed every attempt her family made to hold a death inquest. Nevada Revised Statutes require that "an inquest must be held unless the district attorney or a district judge certifies that no inquest is required." It has been 12 years since Natasha's death. She died while visiting her hometown of Carson City in 1997. Minimal investigation was done at the time of her death, despite witness statements that Natasha had been raped 3 days prior to her death. She sustained blunt force trauma to her head. The day she died, she was hiding from her assailant. Coincidence? I think not. Many of her associates have moved away, memories have faded, and evidence have not been preserved. If a death inquest had been held shortly after her death, the chance of solving her case would be greatly increased. Noel Waters made it his mission to block an inquest. He did extend this privilege to one of his employees who was shot to death with a handgun to determine the actual shooter He argued vigorously against a death inquest for Natasha in court. He made promises he didn't keep. He made false statements to the press and to Natasha's family and friends which vilified Natasha, her family, and friends. He humiliated those who tried to give voice for Natasha. He unsuccessfully attempted to sanction the lawyer and a local citizen who offered their help to help Natasha's devastated mother.

Noel Waters talked with Natasha's mother once since her death. The TV show Unsolved Mysteries shot a segment on Natasha's story several years ago and at that time the sheriff's office promised to speak with Natasha's mother. The outcome was Noel Waters prohibiting Sheriff Banister to talk to anyone concerning Natasha. Not even Natasha's mother.

Noel Waters stated publicly that the two people Natasha was staying with during her brief summer visit at the time of her death "want their lives back." Her father and aunt were those two people. Natasha's father produced an affidavit stating otherwise. This was his Waters reasoning to stop inquiries to determine what caused Natasha's death. NATASHA WILL NOT GET HER LIFE BACK. It is questionable that the aunt she was staying with would make a statement like this since law enforcement officials had made just one contact with her. This aunt was the last person to see Natasha alive. This aunt was not aware of the trauma found on Nataha's body.

Natasha was a beautiful, intelligent and vital young woman with a promising future ahead of her. She is loved by many. The very special things about herself, her morality and purity were the very same things that these ignoramus' District Attorney Noel Waters, Coroner Eric Cantlin, and Sheriff Banister attacked. They are protecting something or somebody. It certainly wasn't Natasha.

The Nevada Supreme Court rejected Natasha's mothers request that a grand jury investigate Natasha's death. The judges denied the request, stating that her mother HAD NO RIGHT TO MAKE SUCH A REQUEST BECAUSE SHE IS NOT A CARSON CITY TAXPAYER and also said a grand jury would be to expensive.

REMEMBER THE NEVADA SUPREME COURTS DECISION WHEN YOU ARE DROPPING YOUR DOLLARS IN NEVADA FOLKS. The debauchery does not end at the whore houses, it is tightly woven within the core fabric of Nevada politics. If you visit that state and you seek to address the court, you have NO VOICE there. NO VOICE! You will be shit out of luck. You can be sure that they will prosecute you if you jaywalk or any other infraction to bring more dollars to their coffers. There are a lot of pigs feeding off the public trough - glutenous in consuming taxpayers dollars while providing few protection to others than the Good Old Boys. Also, you can be sure that you'll take a beating, figuratively or literally if you object to their malfeasance in office. The court was petitioned by two Nevada residents, Natasha's mother from California, and the signatures of more than 3,000 persons in Carson County to hold a grand jury investigation. The local District Court denied the request first, and when appealed, the Nevada Supreme Court agreed.

Scales of Justice

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Good Ole Boy Antics

The coroner at the time of Natasha Jennings death was Eric Cantlin. He said that Natasha died because she was only eating cheeseburgers and sodas for a few days...need I say more? The forensic pathologist reported that Natasha was NOT dehydrated. The Carson City Sheriff's office did NOT test for poisoning, although Sgt. Schoenfelt was quoted in the Nevada Appeal that poison testing would be done. This is the same Sargeant Schoenfelt that was discovered by the grand jury to be an alcoholic.

The Carson City Sheriff's office did not submit samples for drug testing until a full week after her death. There were no drugs or alcohol in her system. Yet, the coroner attributed her death to drug use. She had NO history of using drugs. The Stockton Record newspaper quoted Eric Cantlin as saying "A small amount of some sort of drug was found in her nose, but it was not sufficient to show up on tests." Huh? The director of the laboratory that tested the sample was called for an interpretation of that statement. He was outraged and stated that it meant there were no drugs found in her nose. Blood samples were negative as well. This dear man charged Natasha's mother $10.00 for 8 pages consisting of the autopsy and toxicology reports. The legal amount that can be charged is $1.00 per page. Hmmm....8x1=8 Not 10. Is there no end to their ridiculousness?

Tragically, Natasha's 3-year-old sister had died from smoke inhalation in a house fire many years before Natasha's death. Eric Cantlin told the Stockton Record on September 2, 1999 that there was not enough smoke in her lungs to conclude she died of smoke inhalation. (implying that the baby was dead before the fire, and the fire was a cover up for "another bungled homicide.") Huh? The baby's carbon monoxide level was 61.7%. Greater than 5% is considered toxic. Perhaps Coroner Cantlin was having a hallucination of his own.

Natasha was found with a 4-foot fan across her neck when she was found dead in her aunts apartment. On AUGUST 27, 1999, Noel Waters wrote in a correspondence that "I have also asked that the fan be examined forensically. The $600+ expense will be borne out of my office budget. I will let you know when I receive them." The Nevada Appeal quoted Noel Waters the next day "I scrambled to find $600 to have the fan tested by an independent laboratory. The results of the test should be available shortly." In an affidavit of Noel Waters dated DECEMBER 7, 1999 presented to the the First Judicial Court of The State of Nevada he swears and affirms that the fan "is presently being tested" blah blah "being done by a nationally recognized electrical testing laboratory in San Ramon, California, using funds from my office's investigative account" (hand me the hanky and high boots) Then district attorney Noel Waters swears and affirms double and triple heresay leading to the events that caused him to finally make it APPEAR as though he was finally having the fan tested. FURTHER YOUR AFFIANT SAYETH BULLSHIT. When asked the results of the supposed testing of the fan, he replies he doesn't have to tell any anybody anything. FURTHER YOUR AFFIANT SAYETH BULLSHIT

Natasha's mother was not notified of her daughters death until 14 hours after she was found, just before the forensic pathologist began the autopsy. The report of the forensic pathologist did not report injuries that were clearly seen on photos.
When asked about this Noel Waters answers were nearly as assinine as those made by Eric Cantlin.

Steve Johnson was the lead detective that investigated Natasha's death. If that's what Carson City Sheriff's office calls an investigation.............well............that will be my next story.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

"But gosh, it's been a lot of fun."

"Like fish and feathers" "I prosecute them pretty rigorously."


Friday, June 1, 2001
Carson City, Nevada

Excerpts of the testimony of Noel Waters

Q Do you believe you have a bias inherent in yourself when you profile particular cases or particular individuals to say that you are not going to prosecute as vigorously because of somebody’s background or because of something that you may know about them?
A Well, to answer your question, “bias” is like — ismaybe a loaded word that has more meaning to one person than it does to another. No doubt based upon my background and myexperience, my attitude toward life, my view of the human
condition, I have — you know, I have biases, and I know some of them. I don’t — you know, I don’t like to participate in — in things that I feel like somebody is cooking something up or panning something. I don’t like certain kinds of crimes that I spend more attention on because of my background or biases, you know, like fish and feathers — or fish and game violations. I don’t like them, and when I find them, I prosecute them pretty rigorously. Yeah, I have those biases.
I guess the only thing you can say is to try and be aware of it and still approach something with an idea of being reasonable in that case and at least trying to comply with your own — you know, your own conscience or whatever, your own sense of what it takes to try and do a decent job, you know, with something. Otherwise, I’m not really sure just how to answer that, or maybe I’m not being — I’m not being responsive to your question, Counsel.

Q And the concern that, you know, a victim is a victim and should be entitled to substantial justice that you had said was part of your responsibilities.
A I see. Maybe I need to kind of correct that. I talk about the background — for instance, we get cases where an
offender — the victim in the case is involved in drugs. It happens a lot, sales of drugs or something like that. And that person ends up getting arrested for the drug sales, and while they are in jail, their roommate hawks their TV set for drugs.

Sure. Are they a victim? Yes. Are they entitled tosubstantial justice? Yes. Does it make a difference based upon who that person is in terms of how vigorously you pursue it or something? Yeah, it does. I think the question sometimes is, is it for, I don’t know, improper — are your motives improper? Are they weighted by somebody’s color or ethnicity or cultural background or something like that? That’s what — you know, that’s where, I think, you know, you have to sort of get into it, but you must, you know, NECESSARILY MAKE DISTINCTIONS EVEN AMONGST WHO IS BEING VICTIMIZED OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT.
Without a doubt he takes into consideration who you are as a qualifier whether justice will be pursued for a victim. Others have found themselves rigorously prosecuted on a minor or bogus charge, while others enjoy the get out of jail free card. You don't want to cross this man. He especially if he becomes a judge. He is not the intreped crimebuster as he likes to call himself, rather he is the intrepid good old boy protector.

He hid behind the immunity granted to district attorneys and believes this immunity will protect him even when done "with malice or bad faith." He can hide even deeper and further his shenanigans with the broader immunities granted to judges. Once he has that, he will use it. Of course we want the immunites to protect our elected judges, but this right has been terribly abused by Noel Waters. He has acted arbitrary and capriciously and he thinks it's okay. He is transparent. Further testimony given by Noel Waters that same day;

Q Is there circumstances under which you, as a District Attorney, are entitled to absolute immunity and are protected at
all levels of your job performance?
A Yes, although I have a certain amount of confusion about just how far that extends. The immunity doctrine, perhaps for immunity, as I understand it, for a prosecuting official, extends to acts which the prosecutor does that are inherently part of the judicial function, which is the charging, the decision to charge, the forensic function of presenting the case in court and that sort of thing.And that, as I understand, absolute immunity, there —it extends to even actions which are done with malice or in bad faith or for some ill will, spite or hatred, which is pretty broad, obviously. It doesn’t extend — absolute immunity does not extend to investigative decisions or advice that is given to investigators.

Q And does the absolute immunity protect judges in the same fashion as you describe it in the performance of their
judicial function?
A Yes. In fact, it’s even broader. My understanding of the judicial — I mean, virtually everything a judge does in the course of his duties is within that judicial function, and I — I am not aware of any real exceptions to that. For instance, you know, in a judge’s giving directions or orders or what not, if it’s part and parcel of what the judge does in terms of process, or decision or fact finding, anything having to do with that, there’s absolute immunity. And again, civilly, you know, I don’t know, because it has never come up in my mind about, you know, criminal — you know, criminalize it. It’s sort of unusual to have that situation occur.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Noel Waters is running for District Court Judge in Carson City, Nevada. He is a liability to the city and he should not be elected. I am asking the people of Carson City and others to tell me your reasoning behind how you will be casting your vote. Please post your experiences with him during his looooong term as District Attorney in Carson City. People I've spoken with were very unhappy that no one would run against him for DA, so he was a shoe-in, unopposed most election years. It was obvious to them he was biased and vindictive. A "Big Guy" with many scores to settle.

He prosecuted child molesters lightly and domestic violence cases not within the strict guidelines of the Nevada Revised Statutes. Most baffling were the minor crimes that he prosecuted with a vengance. He was a good ol' boy then, and now. Make no mistake about that. He would literally run away from a victim of a crime or their survivors if they attempted to speak with him. He would not meet with a father whose son was murdered to consider adding photos to the victim impact file. He's not a progressive kind of thinker, rather he is a homegrown backwards thinker. Me? I would describe him as a coward, a liar, full of deceit and vindictiveness, arbitrary and capricious (bad trait for a judge).

He described himself as the "Big Guy" while he served (himself & the good ol' boys) as District Attorney of Carson City, Nevada. This page is dedicated to him, to show you in black and white the history of his actions and shenanigans during his terms as District Attorney. The damage he did was vast. The damage he could do as a sitting judge should be of great concern for every Nevadan and every person who visits Carson City. The capital of Nevada will be a blight to justice. This man has too many scores to settle and he doesn't care who he takes down to do it, or what unethical tactic it takes to accomplish tipping the scales of justice in the direction he wants. The "Big Guy" aspires to become bigger.