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Monday, March 24, 2008

Carson City Public Safety Complex Security Men

During the term of Noel Waters dictatorial district attorney-ship, there were many violations of citizens constitutional rights to use the Public Safety Complex (Carson City's courthouse) without being harrassed. The first story is about a man who was determined to be a "biker" by the courthouse security personnel. The higher courts ruled in the "bikers" favor after the good old boy district attorney and judges cited them for trespassing and attempted to ban them from wearing their jackets in the courtroom halls.

Soon I will be posting more stories where others persons were harrassed by these same old fat farts. One disabled woman was beat up when she sought a place to sit down in the air conditioned foyer. Another woman was run off the steps by another security "man" who called himself "Bear Claws" because as a younger man, he reports he wrestled down a bear. He wore a high- topped hat with guns at his sides, wearing a string of bearclaws as a necklace. By the size of his gut, he may have swallowed the bear whole and never fully eleminated the carcass. One of the security personnel told her that the "Big Guys don't want you here" while she was standing on the sidewalk carrying a sign that read "Justice for Natasha." Natasha Jennings was raped, then found dead three days later as she hid from her assailant.

They beat up a disabled woman, BUT, they did not lay a finger on the "bikers." Why is that? Who do you think posed a greater danger? These security personnel may have found some resistance if they had tried to wrestle men to the ground. One of these security personnel did not hesitate, however, to injure a woman who made the mistake of entering the foyer of the courthouse by herself. Outside the courthouse citizens were rallying for the release of the grand jury report. The judges would not release the report as required by law.

The US Court of Appeals wrote:

"The ongoing enforcement of the potentially unconstitutional regulations at the Complex would infringe not only the free expression interests of the dozen Appellants in this case, but also the interests of other people who may wish to enter the Complex."

"In the total absence of evidence of any danger produced by the speech, we can only conclude that the Rules' very specific restriction on expression in the Complex was "impermissibly motivated by a desire to suppress a particular point of view."

Later, the courts would opine that, by Carson City's own words, indicated that the Courthouse only had problems when they created the problem themselves.

I'm not sure what corrective action, if any were made by the courthouse administrator, Judge Michael Griffin. He did write a letter to one of the women above and threatened her with arrest. The woman that was beaten by Roy Eddings, as his supervisor Robert Stutzman, aka Bear Claws looked on, suffered injuries that required surgery. She was convicted of trespassing nearly two years later by the district attorneys office during the tenure of Noel Waters. A clear conflict of interest since he was one of the subjects of the grand jury investigation. Read the transcripts which are available on the Nevada Appeals website. The grand jurors were not pleased with the "intrepid crimebuster" and his flaccid explanations of the going-ons within his office.

Keep in mind, that the same DA and courts that were the subject of the Grand Jury's probe, were the same that prosecuted her. Mysteriously, some of the photographs that were taken of her injuries disappeared while in evidence that depicted severely bruised arms with finger impressions left when the brute got a hold of her. There were scratches on other portions of her body sustained while being dragged into the security area as the doors closed on her. A large contusion was left on her forehead after being slammed first to her knees, then bounced her head onto the floor.

When the "bikers" flatly refused to leave the courthouse or take off their garb, the security men called the sheriffs next door. They came and wrote them a citation. The bikers did not comply with the security personnel orders, so why did they not physically kick their asses? I'll tell you why. They might have been met with a bit more resistance than taking down a disabled woman.

If Noel Waters is elected as District Court Judge, the stranglehold that the good old boys have on the city will be tightened. Judges often have the last word on a matter. The damage he can do as judge is enormous. Noel Waters has already proven himself to be one of the boys who applies the law arbitrarily and capriciously while hiding behind the immunity of his position. It will be a formidable task to make right his wrongs if he becomes judge. Citizens will be exposed to a corrupted court system. Redress will often become an impossibility and citizens will become vulnerable to political and personal whims.