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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Brianna Denison's Killer?

The police composite drawing of Brianna Denison's rapist and murderer has an eerie similarity with Nataha Jennings possible murderer. Is this coincidental? Both girls were raped before their deaths, and both were visiting their hometowns in Nevada. Both young women resemble each other. The man dressed in red MAY be responsible for Natasha's death. His identity is unknown.

Fortunately for Brianna, the Reno Police Department, District Attorney, and the community have the committment to bring her murderer to justice. The same cannot be said for the law officials involved in Natasha Jennings case. Who is primarily responsible for this? Noel Waters. He used his influence and every legal tactic available to him to hinder an appropriate investigation or to hold a death inquest. He blocked a death inquest as required by law. To date he has not certified that #3 "an inquest must be held unless the district attorney or a district judge certifies that no inquest is required." NRS 259.050. Waters argued vigorously against holding an inquest, even though 3,000 local citizens joined Natasha's family in asking for an inquest. His "sound" discretion is arbitrary and capricious and blinded by his own objectives.

I doubt that the Carson City Sheriff's office or Washoe County Lab preserved the evidence that could bring Natasha's murderer to justice. If a death inquest had been held, there would be more information brought to light than the CCSO's worthless investigation. At the time, the Carson City Sheriffs Department and the District Attorneys office were the true Reno 911 laughable characters. Nothing was funny about the law officials involved in the "investigation. " Many egregious mistakes were made. Noel Waters went way above the call of duty to obstruct a viable investigaion and inquest. In doing so, he may well have made it possible for a murdering rapist to continue his crimes and hinder future investigations. Waters made false statements to the community and the courts. He attacked Natasha's family and others who came to aid of Natasha's family. He attempted to sue a local woman, Karen Perdue because she was "vocal" and in his estimation abused the legal process. He was unsuccessful. If you voice objections to his "sound discretion", you may find yourself in for an ass kicking, literally or figuratively.

The CCSO's coroner at the time was Eric Cantlin. He prejudiced the community against Natasha Jennings and her family. He made false statements to the press that blackened the memory of an innocent young women.

The Nevada Statutes are clear in the responsibilty of the district attorney regarding death inquests. Noel Waters has explained his noncompliance in holding a death inquest because the statutes don't require a time limit. Memories fade, evidence is gone, and people surrounding Natasha at the time of her death have moved away. No harm could have come in holding a timely death inquest. Waters held a death inquest for one of his staff members who rented a house from judge Maddox. No inquest for Natasha though. Why?


The above information has been forwarded to the respective police departments. My fear is that if the Carson City Sheriff's Department is the primary source of information, they will not be forthcoming because it would show the world how badly Natasha's investigation was handled.
Can't have that, now can they?
Please see this website for another gorgeous young lady who was murdered. Juliana Redding could be Brianna Denisons twin, as well as Natasha Jennings. All have brown long hair, thin, tall, and were either visiting their hometown or from out of the area. Redding and Denison were active in sports as well as other shared interests.

Please let us not forget Natasha Jennings and her family who have suffered so much. Perhaps the opportunity was lost forever to determine the cause of Nataha's death. Good work Noel Waters. Your bias' are transparent, your eyes are blurred to the dearly held belief of "Justice for All." The citizenry should expect it and can receive it, IF THEY DON'T VOTE FOR YOU!