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Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Glimpse of Nevada Truth and Justice for Some-Not All

For This Judge and His Friends, One Good Turn Led to Another

The practice harms visitors and business people alike, especially Californians, who come here in large numbers to work and play.

Natasha did "fall victim to an untamed style of justice, blatantly tangled in clashing in local interests." The judicial system blocked every attempt her family made to find out what happened to this beautiful girl during her visit to Carson City. The shenanigans of Noel Waters, the District Courts and the Nevada Supreme Courts actions/inactions rose to a level that most persons conclude a cover-up.

Protecting the good old boys at the expense of never knowing what caused the death of Natasha Jennings.

All person visiting Nevada should be aware that there is a dark underbelly of political corruption that exists in Nevada. If you find yourself in the midst of their grasp, God help you. You will not have a voice in their courts because, in their determination, you are less than human because you are not a Nevada taxpayer. Nevada attorneys will be reluctant to take your case because they know they will be decimated if they attempt to take on the powers that be.

The political corruption runs rampant and threads throughout their justice system and none is spared. This is evident in the District Attorneys offices, the Sheriffs Departments, the Nevada Department of Investigations, the Attorney General's office, the State Bar, and extends as far as the parole boards.

Good luck penetrating the stranglehold on justice. Better men than me have gone before me to no avail. They will kick you to the curb and spit you out sparing no expense to individuals.  Justice is set aside, reserved for those in the circle of friends and campaign contributors.  It's a monopoly where get-out-of- jail cards are part of the game.  Trumped up Go-To-Jail-Cards are part of the deck.