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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Noel Waters is running for District Court Judge in Carson City, Nevada. He is a liability to the city and he should not be elected. I am asking the people of Carson City and others to tell me your reasoning behind how you will be casting your vote. Please post your experiences with him during his looooong term as District Attorney in Carson City. People I've spoken with were very unhappy that no one would run against him for DA, so he was a shoe-in, unopposed most election years. It was obvious to them he was biased and vindictive. A "Big Guy" with many scores to settle.

He prosecuted child molesters lightly and domestic violence cases not within the strict guidelines of the Nevada Revised Statutes. Most baffling were the minor crimes that he prosecuted with a vengance. He was a good ol' boy then, and now. Make no mistake about that. He would literally run away from a victim of a crime or their survivors if they attempted to speak with him. He would not meet with a father whose son was murdered to consider adding photos to the victim impact file. He's not a progressive kind of thinker, rather he is a homegrown backwards thinker. Me? I would describe him as a coward, a liar, full of deceit and vindictiveness, arbitrary and capricious (bad trait for a judge).

He described himself as the "Big Guy" while he served (himself & the good ol' boys) as District Attorney of Carson City, Nevada. This page is dedicated to him, to show you in black and white the history of his actions and shenanigans during his terms as District Attorney. The damage he did was vast. The damage he could do as a sitting judge should be of great concern for every Nevadan and every person who visits Carson City. The capital of Nevada will be a blight to justice. This man has too many scores to settle and he doesn't care who he takes down to do it, or what unethical tactic it takes to accomplish tipping the scales of justice in the direction he wants. The "Big Guy" aspires to become bigger.


Tonja said...

October 23, 2006

Judicial Selection Committee

I am hear today to inform you as to why I believe that District Attorney, Noel Waters, would not make a good candidate for the position he is applying for, that being the vacated seat of the retiring, Judge, Michael Griffin.. I believe I will be able to show to you that Mr. Waters would not be a fair or impartial judge and that he would let his personal feelings dictate his decisions when imposing a sentence or just being biased towards an individual he may not like. I refer to myself in the case of Carson City v Tonja Brown on trespassing. I would also like to remind you that in the recent case of Darren Mack, District Attorney, Richard Gammick did recuse himself and his office from prosecuting Mr. Mack because they were acquainted with each other. Much like Mr.Waters was acquainted with the Bailiff, Roy Eddings.
This trespassing case resulted from my protesting at the Carson City Courthouse on July 15, 2002 for the release of a sealed Grand Jury report that harshly criticized our public officials. While I was at the courthouse, my back was bothering me I went inside the courthouse to sit down on a bench. I was instructed by the bailiff to remove my sign that read 5,000 people can’t be wrong from the inside of the courthouse. The 5000 people can’t be wrong referred to the 5400 registered voters that signed a petition to get a Grand Jury empaneled to investigate our courts, district Attorney office and the sheriff’s department. In this Grand Jury petition that I personally circulated (attached) Noel Waters was named as THE ACCUSED.. I took the sign outside and placed it about 30 feet away from the entrance door and then I came in and sat down. I would later be charged with trespassing when Bailiff Roy Eddings went outside and retrieved my sign and brought it back into the courthouse. It was here when I asked for my sign back I was arrested for trespassing. See, Letter to the Board of Supervisors, and court documents relating to the grand jury report.

I would like for the Members of the Board to review the July 17, 2002 MINUTES of the CLOSED Rocky Boice Jr. Hearing transcripts. (Attached) In these minutes, Judge Michael Griffin, and District Attorney, NOEL WATERS implemented a policy on signs being brought into the courthouse. They even make a reference to me when they said "WE HAD AN INCIDENT. MONDAY, in this closed hearing. This policy they adopted, I was already in compliance with, when they said that it was okay to for people to leave signs outside the courthouse as long as they did not BLOCK the entrance to the courthouse. Mr. Waters knew I was in compliance of the policy. A policy that never existed until AFTER THE FACT and Mr. Waters would personally prosecute me for trespassing on November 8, 2004, over two years later knowing there was no policy at the time of July 15, 2002. This information on the policy came to light after my criminal trespassing trial.
On July, 16, 2002 after attempts, I would be allowed to personally file a police complaint against Bailiff Roy Eddings for assault and battery. In my complaint I specifically asked for an outside investigation to be conducted. See Complaint of Tonja Brown. This complaint was turned to the District Attorney’s Office on July 18, 2002 where it sat on Anne Langer’s desk until statue of limitations ran out the following year. During this time, Mr. Waters was informed in writing to turn over discovery in which, he said he would, however, he did not turn everything over to my attorney’s at the time. During this time, I personally telephoned and left messages with Mr. Waters checking and Ms. Langer on the status of my complaint, Mr. Waters nor Ms. Langer ever returned any of the calls or responded to the letters. See letter’s written from Ms. Treava Hearne, Noel Waters, Kevin Karp and our former Carson City Mayor Ray Masayko.
It should be noted that during the Grand Jury proceedings Mr. Waters was deposed. In Mr. Waters own sworn deposition dated April 25, 2000 he clearly defines what a conflict of interest is.(attached) Mr. Waters is asked during his deposition, AND WHAT WOULD DETERMINE whether there’s a CONFLICT OF INTEREST? Waters’ answer " Well, it can be a number of things. Might be a personal relationship or knowledge about a particular person. It might be a person in a case is SOMEHOW RELATED TO MY OFFICE." Mr. Waters went on to testify that even one of his own DA’s got a traffic ticket and he felt that was a CONFLICT OF INTEREST and asked the Douglas County District Attorney to handle the case. There are other instances where Mr. Waters defines what he considers it to be a conflict of interest.
It is apparent that Mr. Waters should have recuse himself and his office from prosecuting me when there was a complaint in his office against the bailiff. Mr. Waters refused to ask for outside assistance even when his own deposition defines what a conflict of interest is and this fell far within those guidelines of a conflict of interest that Mr. Waters had testified too Mr.. Waters personally prosecuted me when I specifically requested an outside agency to look into the matter.
Mr. Waters did not contact any of my witnesses with regard to Mr. Eddings, nor did he ask to see the medical reports until the day of my trial. By then nearly 28 months had passed. He never responded to Mayor Ray Masayko’s memo neither. Nor, did Mr. Waters or Ms. Langer return any of the calls that I left on their voice mail when I was calling to check on the status of my complaint. Such as, to inform them about the pictures that were taken by Officer’s Dean Williams and Denise Fuller. The newspaper dated July 17, 2002 states that I had been injured. That alone should have raised a red flag for Mr. Waters to ask for an outside investigation. See Pictures taken on July 15, 2002, outside the courthouse by Officer Williams, and at the Urgent care and pictures taken on July 16, 2002 by Officer Denise Fuller that we would finally get in March 2005. Yet, there had been repeated attempts to have these pictures turned over. See letter to District Attorney, Noel Waters and Asst. DA Anne Langer..
On September 19, 2006, I went to the Carson City Courthouse to obtain a copy of Mr. Waters sworn deposition of April 25, 2000. I was told by the courthouse clerk, Ms. Cristal Romesberg that the part of the grand jury report is still sealed so I was unable to get Mr. Waters certified copy of his testimony. However, I do have a copy that I was able to get off of the internet when the it was still available. It should also be noted that the petition regarding the grand jury was the only one in the file that went to Mr. Waters and several members of the court at the Carson City Courthouse. If you look at the petition, you will see that my name, Tonja Brown appears on the petition as the person who circulated the petition. What I find extremely interesting is that out of the 5,400 registered voters who signed this petition, my petition is the only one contained within the documents of the grand jury report. (Attached)

I realize that many people know who I am and have formed an already preconceived notion about me, and because of my stand on certain issues, District Attorney Noel Waters, Assistant District Attorney, Anne Langer personally took my endeavors to bring the truth out about my brother against me. I strongly believe it would be a big mistake for the Members of the Court to appoint Mr. Noel Waters to replace Judge Michael Griffin.

Anonymous said...

My daughter was assaulted by a former roommate and her entourage of 3 very large black men. One of the "men" threw her around like a rag doll. She was able to call 911 and the operator heard the beating. One of the men literally tore the door off the hinges to get to her. She was taken away by ambulance. Fortunately she protected her body when she was attacked and her injuries were not major. Because the attack was done by a roommate, it was prosecuted under the domestic violence laws (which Waters ignored later at sentencing). NRS has very specific sentencing rules. The then District Attorney Noel Waters and I had had a difference of opinion prior to this, he asked my daughter if she was related to me. She replied yes. Noel Waters then went on to say that the man who beat her had a very long history of violence and that he needed to go to jail for a very long time. (giving her the impression that he would vigorously prosecute him). Long story short....the roommate was sentenced, citing domestic violence laws , ignoring Nevada Statutes and the man who did the most physical damage to her was never charged, even though Waters had more than enough to make a case.

Anonymous said...

Tonja - did you know that Noel Waters was once the bailiff for judge Michael Griffin?

law-ful said...

I hope that the residents and voters of Carson City Nevada nevar VOTE for NOEL WATERS as a JUDGE. He will keep victims / VICTIMS.

law-ful said...

Noel Waters allowed the actions of his then chief deputy district attorney Anne Langer, during HER own campaign for HEAD Storey Co. Nv. DA. when she used the (detailed information of a minor child's sexual assault printed on a mail out flier to all of the registered voters of Storey Co. Nv.) Noel Waters stated, in a private e-mail to a woman, that QUOTE = "I don't have a problem with what Anne Langer did".
Noel Waters is now running for Judge? He is running for the Judges seat of a Judge who was his mentor in the early 80's, who he replaced as DA. the man is Judge Maddox. He is now retiring, and Waters is running for his Judges seat. MADDOX was quoted by the Nevada Appeal newspaper stating {"Most men have a natural impuls to want to have sex with children") I do not believe that we need ether of these men in our law community. NO Ethics and the non-ability to protect children from sex offenders is disgusting. Judge Maddox did put a man away for 18 years for child porn images, however? He made that detailed remark in an open court setting, in front of reporters. The statment, as to why Mr. Excell did what he did. THE NEVADA APPEAL REPORTED MADDOX REMARKS IN THEIR PAPER THE NEXT DAY. IT OUTRAGED A WHOLE COMMUNITY. As well it should have. It also prompted several PROTESTS in front of the Nevada State Legislature.

law-ful said...

Noel Waters was once a bailiff?
Isn't he a little skinny for the bailiffs Waters himself used to beat up a disabled woman?

law-ful said...

How about when the court date came for the woman/alleged trespasser, who was beat up by the bailiff inside the CC. courthouse came up, and after two full years of Judge Tatro, and the retaliatory Mr. Waters designed their (NO JURY TRIAL) to prosecute the woman, the ONLY BAILIFF THEY COULD FIND TO WORK THAT VERY DAY, WAS THE VERY BAILIFF WHO BEAT UP THE WOMAN ON TRIAL FOR "ALLEGED TRESPASS"? If these court officials were so good at their jobs? Why didn't they use any other bailiff except the one who was going to walk upstairs in 15 minutes to testify against her?

Anonymous said...



Connie Nichol said...

How sick that Carson city DAs would cite Domestic Violence laws in the case of the roomate beating up on that gal. Wake up Carson City Judges DAs and alike. Last I heard NV did not recognize common law. Assault IS assualt and battery IS battery. What in the heck should make it any different your religious affiliation? Let me guess this gal didn't get any restitution either? For some reason the gov officials in Carson act as though the residents are ignorant except them.