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Friday, February 22, 2008

"Carson City Falsely Imprisons Individuals"

kangaroo court
The United States District Court found that Carson City has a "custom, policy, or practice to falsely imprison individuals" and that Carson City falsely imprisoned, maliciously prosecuted, and committed abuse of process against Plaintiff under state law." Carson City argued that "Carson City enjoys sovereign immunity for the discretionary decisions of district attoneys under Nevada Revised Statute 41.032(2)."
Yeah, right Noel Waters, District Attorney of Carson City. The "Big Guy" believes that his office can falsely imprison individuals, then try to hide behind the discretionary powers of a DA. Can you imagine the shenanigans this egomanic power-hungry good ol' boy will do if he is elected as judge? Judges are given more immunity than DA's. In this case of Webb v. Carson City, two sheriff deputies arrested an African American man believing he was someone else. Almost immediately after the arrest, it became clear they had arrested the wrong man. Both deputies told the district attorney they had arrested the wrong person. Despite this fact, he was not released nor did the district attorney drop any of the charges. Chief Deputy DA Anne Langer offered Webb to drop one charge only if he signed a waiver of civil liability. Langer told Webb's lawyer that she was prosecuting him because he refused to sign the waiver. In October, Webb went to trial on a charge on "obstruction" and was acquitted. The deputies testified that Webb had NOT obstructed the police. This is the same Deputy DA who was later indicted by a grand jury. About the same time District Attorney Noel Waters, the "Big Guy" himself was running around the courthouse, walking off with, and "losing" criminal complaints, losing evidence, losing pictures that were in his custody, lying to the public saying he was doing specific things when indeed he was not. He wasn't protecting citizens, he was too busy protecting his wayward good ol' boys and was vigilant in unsuccessfully prosecting citizens who took exception to his malfeasance in office.
In Carson City, under the direction of Noel Waters, the blacks are sent to the back of the bus, the Native Americans are sent back to the reservation, women and children find little protection or prosecution from domestic violence, and in at least one instance, went home in a bodybag. Men who protect their families when the police and DA will not, find themselves being vigorously prosecuted with trumped up charges. Good Job, Noel Waters!

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Anonymous said...

Let us not forgot the bikers case too.